About Me

Born in California and raised in Tennessee, Alissa Klein was brought up in a fantastic family where everyone played music! Starting piano at about 4 years old and singing from the womb, music was an everyday occurrence. At 13, she started songwriting, realizing she was meant for it.
Alissa graduated from Cumberland University with a Bachelor of Art in Music, with an emphasis in piano. Shortly after that, she joined The Young Americans, where she taught music to kids on four continents.

In 2014, Alissa moved to California where she started dreaming up the album Cardiology. Taking the music she wrote between the ages of 18 and 24, she recorded the album in Nashville with Shuffle Brother Music whenever she had the chance. After a year and a half of recording, the album was released in July of 2016.
Alissa now travels around the country, doing house concerts, dance workshops, and songwriting workshops. The Cardiology Experience is the intentional listening of Cardiology, played from start to finish in a simplified way. It’s a unique experience that combines music and the story behind it.